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Privacy Policy

Ethiopian airline is grateful to its valuable customers for their trust and loyalty over them. Our privacy policy is basically a commitment with our precious customers that we would make certain arrangements to secure the information they share with us and use new means to activate those techniques. The Privacy policy is the commitment that shows how we collect information and then functionalized and process that information to make even better arrangements to provide the best services and to confirm their order booking in an appropriate way. All these kinds of information that people share with us helps us in providing better experience in the future. Our talented team of technicians knows how to handle this information and protect that.

Rules and laws:

There are some rules and laws which are meant to be followed by the authorities and also by our customers. Using our services, you would agree to some rules and laws to follow properly;

• There is a legation to must provide proper accurate information that will further use as to make your bookings and to provide you the best services.

• You would agree to the terms that we can use your information as market analysis and notify you with our latest updates about providing best services.

• You would agree to use your provided information to prevent fraud and to access the process, as it will also help us in gaining more trust.

• By your provided information you would agree to use it for estimating your purchase history to make it sure about your preferences and ensure to provide you with discounts and compensations etc.

Information we gathered:

All the information that you people gives us is gathered for specific purposes. There is some information that you provide us which are common in a term like name, address, phone number. Other then these there are some more which you prefer to share with us so that we can contact to you in future like your e-mail, your language choice, and gender so that it will help us in providing a better experience. Other information we collect for the payment of services is built-in your debit card and credit card numbers or other bank account details for the payment process.

Contact us:

If you people are having some issue regarding our privacy policy then you can consult with our expertise by contacting us at our website is given in a respective section and also on the phone number 0203 372 4536 to clear any of your misunderstandings or queries.

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